Yo MTV, what up??? Welcome to my crib! It’s ya girl here, Kelli~

…alright, I think that’s just about enough with the memespeak >.> #sorryaboutthat

But, seriously, welcome to my blog! This blog is devoted to my MA Thesis project and my thoughts surrounding the project’s conception and its purposes. Basically, this is my space to complain work sh*t out as I wander through weepings-worth of research~

Currently, I’m researching Neo-Dadaism in new digital media. In particular, I’m interested in whether or not internet memes could be seen as an emergence/resurgence of Dada idealism. More, if that is the case, I’m interested in what that implies about the new digital world we live in and how classifying new digital media in art terms can add to our understanding of the medium.

If any of this interests you (or you’d just like to watch me suffer cause that’s something you get off on????), please feel free to follow me on this journey~

Ya girl,